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Parts and Accessories

Crown Company stocks a complete range of parts and accessories for your built-in vacuum system needs, including:

The parts and accessories listed here are normal stock items. We can also order additional tools, parts or accessories, normally within 3 to 5 business days. If you don't see what you need listed here, please call us, and we will check with our distributor for availability, for any built-in vacuum make or manufacturer.

If it is inconvenient for you to come to our location, we are happy to mail most parts and accessories. Send us a request via e-mail or make an inquiry or place an order via phone with our Parts Desk at 602.258.1223.

Wall Inlets
face plates
  • Standard wall valve. Wall inlet accommodates standard 1-1/4" hose; unit is turned on when cap is lifted and hose is inserted. Stock item, available in white and ivory colors.
  • Custom wall valve. Same as standard wall valve, except made of metal; available colors: shiny brass, antique bronze or chrome. Special order.
  • Low-voltage wall valve.   Insertion of hose turns unit on; once hose inserted, unit can be turned on and off via switch on attachment end of hose.    Available in white or ivory, this wall valve requires a low-voltage hose to control power unit via switch.
  • Direct-connect inlet.   Two component parts are installed for each inlet in a two-step process. First, a flange is installed, which is then wired for standard 110 electricity by a qualified electrician. Then the vacuum installer adds a direct-connect wall valve that fits into the flange and provides a plug inlet for an electric hose "pigtail". This inlet style enables use of electric hoses and power nozzles without the need for a separate electrical outlet nearby.
Vac pan in use
  • Vac Pan.  This inlet fits under a cabinet at the floorboard, and must be installed at the same time as the system piping is done. Foot-activated, you simply sweep debris up to the inlet and it is picked up by the vacuum suction. This has been our most popular installation feature, with many of our customers installing a vac pan in the kitchen as well as the garage workshop area. Suitable for new construction or remodel installations.
  • Vac Pan II.  This variation on the original Vac Pan can be used to retrofit existing built-in vacuum system installations. It replaces an existing inlet with a dual function unit that accepts a hose or that can be slid up to allow debris to be swept into the system inlet.
Vac Pan II

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Piping and Fittings
  • Standard.  Vacuum-quality PVC piping, with smooth interior, 2" size, 8' lengths.
  • Commercial grade.   Metal (steel) pipe is available as an alternative for those commercial installations that specify it. Special order.
  • Fittings.
    • All PVC fittings (e.g., couplings, tees, sweeps, etc.) required for installations are normal stock.
    • Commercial grade wall valves & fittings: non-corrosive stainless steel, comes in both 1 and in 1 (commercial only); suitable for water pickup. Special order.

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Other Installation Options
  • Remote control. Can go with any power unit or wall valve configuration. Used to turn unit on and off, bypassing the installed configuration of wall inlets. System can be configured to use only remote control for powering unit on and off.

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Customary vacuum cleaning tools (e.g., a bare floor tool, upholstery tool crevice tool) are available singly or as a set.

  • Standard attachments:   vinyl with nylon bristles
  • Deluxe attachments:  hard vinyl with horsehair bristles and metal neck.

Tool Options and Sets

We carry the following tools as part of our normal inventory:
Satisfied customer
  • pet grooming kits
  • extra-wide bare floor tool
  • mini-blind cleaner
  • ceiling fan cleaner
  • computer cleaning kits
  • car care kits
  • interceptor: enables water-pickup by standard power unit
  • attachment caddy
  • other tools available by special order
Accessories Floor tool
We also carry all paper bags for all makes and models of built-in vacuum power units.

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Power Nozzles for Carpets and Rugs

There are a variety of tools designed for cleaning carpets and rugs. We can help you select the right one for your requirements.
Air turbine power head TP210 Power Nozzle

This deluxe air turbine nozzle has a revolving brush that is driven by the suction power of the vacuum unit. It works very well for most carpets, and is our top-selling floor tool.
Other air-driven power nozzles available include:
  • standard air turbine nozzle
  • rug rat: small size air turbine power nozzle, designed for use on upholstery, on stairways or other small areas
  • combo tool: combination tool that has a small air turbine power nozzle and a crevice tool in the same unit
Air turbine power head Crown Deluxe Electric Power Nozzle

This deluxe turbine nozzle features a 14-inch electric brush, geared belt, and easy-release handle and wands. It also has a light and height adjustment capability. It provides the extra power needed for very dense carpets, and is very popular with our customers for cleaning oriental rugs.
Other electric power nozzles available include:
  • the Stealth line of power nozzles, manufactured by MD
  • Crown standard electric nozzle.

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Crown stocks a complete range of hoses to support any cleaning requirement. Standard lengths are 30 to 35 feet for electric hoses; non-electric hose can be cut to any custom length.
Direct Connect hose Direct Connect Electric Hose

This 30' crushproof hose is wired with standard 110 voltage, and designed to operated with direct-connect inlets, which have electricity running directly to the vacuum wall inlet. The convenience of on/off power on the hose handle, combined with the built-in electricity, makes this our top selling hose for new home installations.
Electric Hose with pigtail

This 30' crushproof hose is wired with standard 110 voltage, and is equipped with a 6' pigtail electric cord to be used with an adjacent electric outlet.
Direct Connect hose
gray hose Deluxe Low-voltage Hose

This 30' crushproof low-voltage hose features an ergonomic handle with an easy on/off switch for system control.
Other hoses available include:
  • Standard.   30' crushproof hose with standard ends to fit all attachments and standard wall valve.
  • Standard hose, custom length.   The standard hose can be cut for custom lengths.
  • Retrofit.   New hose for existing system, custom ends to match install wall inlets.
  • Low-voltage hose.   30' crushproof hose with low-voltage wiring; on-off switch at attachment-end of hose.
  • Commercial hose.  1 , custom length, most non-electric (generally do not use low-voltage or 110 volt hoses for commercial applications).
  • Remote control hose.  This hose is for power units controlled solely by remote control.
  • Wet/dry hose.  This hose is designed for use with the AquaAir power unit, which is designed for water pickup.

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