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Built-in Vacuum Systems

The active Arizona lifestyle leaves little time for home maintenance. Start living better now with the quick and easy cleaning that comes with a built-in vacuum system.

Crown Showroom

In addition to ease of use, built-in vacuum systems offer vastly superior cleaning ability to enable healthy, dust-free living, even in a desert climate. Clinical studies have proven that built-in vacuum systems actually reduce the allergens and pollen within your home.

Crown Company is your built-in vacuum specialist, and can satisfy all your built-in vacuum needs. We carry the most extensive built-in vacuum inventory in Arizona.  Smart Shopping for a built-in vacuum system begins at Crown!

Music/Intercom Systems

Music Intercom

Better living also comes from the convenience and peace of mind that room-to-room and front-door communication speakers bring to a homeowner. Living is enriched by whole-house stereo systems that bring music to all the living areas of your home, including patios and the garage or workroom.

Crown Company offers in-depth knowledge of music and intercom systems, gained from experience in this line of business beginning in 1975. Come to Crown for help with system selection and design and to choose your components from our extensive inventory.

Portable vacuums


Crown Company also offers portable solutions for better living.

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